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Privence is a range of configurable garden enclosure and fencing solutions, with a wide variety of models all of which are easy and intuitive to assemble.

Parts are supplied ready for assembly without any pre-cutting required. Most of the parts are interchangeable, opening up an almost infinite range of possibilities in terms of designs and compositions.

Our products are made by extruding PVC, a material that is highly

resistant to ageing and weathering and that is maintenance-free.

Our products are environment-friendly because the plastic we use is totally recyclable.

Highly resistant
to ultraviolet rays

Resistant to corrosion
and chemicals

Highly resistant
to impacts


Resistant to insects,
rodents and small animals

Easy to clean


Privence consists of two types of parts: parts that form the poles and those that form the fences (fence, panels, profiles).

These standard parts are interchangeable so that segments from different models can be combined to create different configurations.


Privence is a product made by Extruplesa, a company with more than 45 years of experience in plastics extrusion.

Our facilities, located at Polígono Centrovía Industrial Park in La Muela (Zaragoza), boast cutting-edge technology, which together with our highly-qualified, specialized, committed team and our quality system, places us in the optimum lead position to be able to undertake any project in the sector.

We are manufacturers of a wide range of products thanks to the work we carry out into diversification, research and development.

Our products can be found in different fields and industries, such as the construction industry (both dwellings and industrial and farm installations), lighting, household goods, the automotive industry, packaging, advertising, furniture, etc.

Our commitment

Our commitment is to achieve excellence, with the same vision as when we first began. We work continuously to innovate in order to provide our customers with solutions and services.